Копия Lubricant for formwork 200L

Grease for molds and forms for use in industry and monolithic construction

87.6 uah

Grease for molds and formwork ZAP-10 is used in industry in the production of concrete products, as well as in monolithic construction. Its composition provides excellent separation properties and anti-corrosion protection. ZAP-10 does not have an aggressive effect on varnish, plywood, plastics and metal, has performed well on vertical and horizontal surfaces of molds, does not drain under the influence of vibration and concrete mixture. The concrete surface of the product without unnecessary pretreatment is ready for the application of paint, plaster or adhesives. The use of ZAP-10 can significantly improve the quality of products made of concrete, foam concrete and aerated concrete, can be used in conditions of technological steaming at high temperatures up to 80C, is used ready-made.

  • low price compared to other manufacturers
  • economical material consumption
  • versatility of application of lubricants for forms and formwork made of metal, plywood, plastic, plastic
  • it holds well on the surface of the molds during all technological operations
  • ensures an uninterrupted production process
  • completely eliminates the adhesion of the surface of the concrete product to the mold
  • does not spoil the appearance of products, suitable for white architectural concrete
  • does not affect the timing and intensity of concrete hardening
  • protects metal from corrosion
  • preserves wood


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