Hydroshponka BP 240

Internal hydraulic joint for working seams

390 UAH
Wholesale price 370 UAH from 200 m.p.

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Hydroshponka BP 240 designed for waterproofing of working (technological) joints of concrete structures between a horizontal base plate and a vertical load-bearing wall, or formed during a break in concreting. Hydroshpons are used in hydraulic structures: reservoirs, canals, dams, pools, etc., as well as for waterproofing joints of foundations, foundations, tunnels, multi-level parking lots and other underground structures. They are made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE (EPDM) or plasticized PVC-p polyvinyl chloride.

  • it is used when concreting monolithic reinforced concrete structures is interrupted
  • in particularly important constructions , it is complemented by an external hydraulic spar
  • the presence of ribs on the locking plane prevents the penetration of moisture into the structure
  • it can be used in structures with special requirements to ensure tightness
  • withstands high water pressure inside and outside
  • with ease of installation, it is suitable for all types of structures
  • It is delivered in rolls of 25 m.p.

Установка шпонки внутренней серии ВР A внутренняя

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