For reinforcement of semi-dry cement screeds and cement-sand mortars

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Polyex Mesh 12 mm fiber is twisted synthetic fibers created for the purpose of reinforcement, improvement of mechanical properties and durability of cement screed. Polyex Mesh is a fiber consisting of a special mixture of co-polymer and polypropylene. They create reinforcement in three dimensions, which reduces or completely eliminates plastic shrinkage of the cement screed, is an alternative replacement for reinforcement with welded anti-shrink meshes. It is ideally suited and used in the production of reinforced concrete, trays, drainage systems, drinking water tanks, swimming pools, elements of enclosing structures, shotcrete, etc. With the proper use of fiber, the strength properties of the floor screed increase 3-5 times. The consumption of reinforcing fiber is insignificant - only from 0.3 kg to 0.5 kg per 1 cubic meter of screed. This does not significantly increase the cost of the prepared solution. At the same time, the main competitor of fiber – a metal mesh - will cost almost an order of magnitude more expensive. The fine Polyex Mesh fibers added to the kneaded composition are much easier to use than a metal mesh.

The main advantages of using fiber:

  • avoid delamination of the setting solution
  • prevent cracks from appearing in it
  • to increase several times the strength of the coating for fracture and point loads
  • reduce the amount of water used and minimize the formation of voids inside the concrete
  • reduce the duration of solidification of the mixture by 2-3 times
  • improve the frost resistance of cement-sand screed by 7-10 times
  • increase the abrasion resistance of the base under the finish by 30-40%

Main Features:

  • countering the formation of shrinkage cracks
  • increasing resistance to weather factors
  • reduced seepage; better workability
  • increased flexural strength; increased durability
  • increased impact strength

Scope of application:

  • substitute for steel anti-shrink welded meshes in floors
  • warm self-leveling floors
  • devices of cement-sand floor screed
  • building mortars, dry mixes and plasters
  • casting of small architectural forms from concrete

What is the dosage of Polyex Mesh 12mm fiber per 1m3 of cement screed?

Depending on the purpose of semi-dry cement screed from 0.3 kg to 0.5 kg of synthetic reinforcing fiber Polyex Mesh 12 mm per 1 m3 of concrete. This amount allows you to give the concrete excellent properties and, in some cases, completely eliminate the phenomenon of plastic shrinkage.


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