Moisture-retaining additive Zeobau 50

For the production of concrete and mortar

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Zeobau 50 is a fine-grained geopolymer active mineral additive, with proven pozzolan properties, used for the production of concretes and mortars. Zeobau 50 was created in the process of drying and grinding aluminosilicate minerals with different chemical composition, properties and shape of crystals. The main component is a hydrated alkaline aluminosilicate from the group of clinoptilolite zeolites.

  • compatible with any cement and chemical impurities
  • it can be used in an amount of up to 15% in relation to the weight of cement 
  • concrete goods of all classes: construction, floor, road, bridge
  • special concrete: high-quality, self-sealing, hydraulic, spray
  • precast works of small and large concrete, including for the production of autoclave concrete.
  • concrete mixes of all types made on the construction site, including light, cavernous and concrete foam concrete
  • concrete is intended for thin-walled products subject to bending
  • self-leveling masses and mineral solutions and adhesives masses
  • stabilizes water retention in concrete (already at a dosage of at least 5 kg/m3)
  • balances the bonding and hardening processes throughout the concrete structure - this reduces the phenomenon of twisting edges
  • improves the workability and plasticity of concrete (laying and smoothing)
  • stabilizes the quality and quantity of air in concrete (dividing capillaries and air bubbles into smaller ones)
  • increases the adhesion of cement paste to fillers and fibers
  • increases the water resistance and frost resistance of concrete
  • increases compressive strength, tensile bending and splitting
  • increases the resistance of concrete to salt and sea water
  • increases the resistance of concrete to environmental aggression and internal corrosion.


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