Antifreeze additive NITKAL S45

Antifreeze additive for concrete up to -25

5 l
260 UAH
Wholesale price 250 UAH from 10 5 l

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The antifreeze additive NITCAL S 45 is used as the basis of polyfuntional compositions, dry building mixes of a wide range of orientation, in the production of concretes and mortars, including cellular, for concretes with high performance properties, reinforced concrete, etc. Allows to obtain high-density and waterproof concrete. 

  • inhibitor-retarder of corrosion processes caused by high chloride content (2-4%)
  • powerful accelerator of concrete setting and hardening
  • increases strength characteristics (8 hours) in small doses (0.2-1.2% by weight of cement)
  • it is an antifreeze additive up to - 25 ° C
  • NITCAL S 45 is supplied in cup containers or in 5 l cans

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