NITKAL S25, S45 antifreeze additive

NITCAL antifreeze additive is used for the preparation of concretes that have a wide range of applications. It improves the performance properties of the initial composition.

The superplasticizer is indispensable for winter concreting, as it regulates the release of heat during hydration.

Adding the NITCAL superplasticizer:

creates high-density and waterproof concrete;

prevents the development of corrosion due to the high concentration of chlorides in the composition of the superplasticizer;

concrete sets and hardens quickly;

cement becomes more durable;

do-25C is used as an antifreeze additive;

significantly compacts concrete;

the pores of the concrete are clogged much faster, preventing the brittleness and destruction of the concrete.

   With the addition of a small amount of superplasticizer, the long-term strength of concrete structures is ensured, the porosity and permeability of the material are preserved. The setting time of Portland cement is significantly reduced. NITKAL interacts best with low-and medium-aluminum cements at a stable temperature and medium humidity.

Consequences of the use of antifreeze additives:

after pouring, the concrete sets much faster, the superplasticizer helps to level the surfaces of the factory production;

concretes with low hardening rates and a long setting period harden much faster;

restoration of the working condition of concretes with additives of plasticizers, subjected to long-term transportation and operation at high temperatures;

the concrete becomes capable of self-compaction and adapts to the wet environment.

NITCAL is designed for use at low temperatures — up to-50C ensures the viability of the solution. The specialists of the company" Protex-S " recommend using a superplasticizer to ensure the reliability and durability of concrete poured in the cold season.