Маты для защиты бетона в зимний период

Reusable thermal insulation multi-layer mats, which are used to cover freshly laid concrete in monolithic structures, concrete screed, repair solutions, or when it is necessary to retain heat for a long time.The awning is ideal for use in our climatic conditions, combining modernity, quality, reliability, ease of installation and operation. They are wear-resistant, do not get wet, concrete does not stick to them, and also retain elasticity even at sub-zero temperatures. Mats for covering concrete are wear-resistant, can be used for more than one season, waterproof, thanks to the smooth bottom layer, freshly laid concrete does not stick to them. Standard mats for winter concreting are three-layer, have a size of 12 sq. m. (3x4)., along the perimeter they have metal rings (grommets) for a high-quality connection between each other. Under the order, we can sew mats of any other sizes, layers and components, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Size: 3x4 (12m. sq.m.)

Number of layers: 3

Top layer: 100g/sq m polypropylene fabric

Insulation: foam polyethylene 5mm

Bottom layer: 150mkn plastic film

Tarpaulin mats for the protection of fresh concrete are made of a strong tarpaulin, sewn with foamed polyethylene and a protective plastic film. The mats have the properties of fire resistance and water resistance, and are also able to compensate for sudden temperature changes. Successfully solve the problem of covering construction sites, welding sites, fresh concrete or scaffolding. Tarpaulin mats are the optimal solution for adverse weather conditions, they are resistant to any type of precipitation, high humidity or excessive dryness of the environment.

Брезентовые маты

Due to their density and significant weight, mats can be used to insulate doorways of such premises as warehouses or retail halls. They successfully absorb cold air flows and humidity coming from outside, while preventing heat loss inside the room. In addition, tarpaulin mats are extremely important for protecting freshly filled concrete slabs from excessive moisture absorption, drying out and freezing, which must be prevented at the concrete solidification stage. Otherwise, it threatens cracks, the development of corrosion and the destruction of concrete structures. Our experts strongly recommend the use of tarpaulin mats to protect construction sites and fresh cement in conditions of low temperatures, high humidity and all types of precipitation.