Thorn membrane 600g/m

Spiked membranes have proven themselves well in places where high compressive strength, impact strength and resistance to surface loads are required, for example. In deep basements of multi-storey buildings, garages, bridge abutments, tunnels are fixed, in individual projects of drainage and drainage systems of roads, bridges, railway embankments. Geomembranes protect the outer bituminous layer of insulation of foundations and engineering structures from possible mechanical damage during backfill, and also protect the insulation during soil sedimentation

Scope of application:

Protection of waterproofing of buried parts of buildings when filling the pit with soil
protection of the foundation plate from capillary moisture; rehabilitation of wet walls
in operated flat roofs, in green roofs, etc.
replacement of concrete preparation
protection of basements from the penetration of radon gas»
additional layer of waterproofing
water drainage and water pressure relief
Density 600 g / m2
Elastic, water-resistant.mitzna
Color - Black