Mat polypropylene insulated (3X4)

Polypropylene thermal insulation Mat shelter of fresh concrete in monolithic structures, concrete screeds, repair mortars, to keep the heat in for long periods of time. Wear-resistant, not waterproof, retains flexibility at sub-zero temperatures. For use in our climate. Mat for the shelter of concrete, wear-resistant, reusable, waterproof, three-layer perimeter has metal rings (eyelets) for easy connections between them.

  • Size: 3x4 (12m.kV.)
  • Number of layers: 3
  • Top layer: polypropylene fabric 100g/m
  • Insulation: polyethylene foam 5mm
  • Bottom layer: plastic film 150мкн
  • The presence of a metal grommets around the perimeter of the Mat