Repair gidroponka for expansion joints series HG-R


they are used for waterproofing expansion joints when mating with existing concrete and metal structures. It is used in the monolithic construction of buildings, including foundations, underground parking lots, tunnels, channels, etc. The repair hydraulic spar is fixed to the existing structure, the free part of the hydraulic spar is loosened to the reinforcement frame of the poured structure, immediately before pouring concrete.   

They are made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE 

or plasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC-p

Repair hydraulic spoons of the ND-R series are designed to seal the expansion joints between the finished w / b or metal structure and the poured structure. The absence of fixing anchors on one side of the hydraulic spar, allows you to hermetically glue the U-shaped hydraulic spar to the finished railway structure. For reliable fixation of the hydraulic spool, a metal strip is used, which is fixed on the outside of the hydraulic spool with dowels. The elasticity of the hydraulic spar material allows you to clearly set the hydraulic spar in the design position. To create a deformation seam when pouring, a sheet elastic material is used, for example, a plate made of expanded polystyrene, which is fixed before pouring concrete in the seam itself. The presence of ribs on the locking plane and anchors prevents the penetration of moisture into the structure.  

They are used in the locations of the expansion joints of monolithic reinforced concrete structures, in particularly important structures they are supplemented with a U-shaped repair hydraulic spar of the PO series;
They are delivered in rolls of 25 m. p.;
If necessary, elongation and to perform spatial nodal transitions-are welded in the conductor, construction hair dryer, flat heating element or glued together.