Gidroponka to working joints KAV 125

Hydrospin with a cord made of hydrophilic rubber combined

(KAB key) for use in working and structural joints




KAB key is a key with an expanding hydrophilic cord for sealing and waterproofing structural joints of concrete structures. Even at high water pressure, the combined KAB key provides waterproofing due to the expanding rubber cord and the ribbed part of the key itself.

KAB key is an effective system against water penetration, and also easy to install.


there is no need to make a seam protrusion or change the reinforcement system;

simple installation in a concrete structure with low labor costs;

stability during installation due to mounting brackets;

bays of 25 meters, i.e. less welding seams during installation;

end heat welding joint to joint;

small bending radius;

light weight (one bay of 25 meters weighs about 25 kg).

Reliable sealing and waterproofing are provided by the ribbed part of the key (labyrinth sealing system) and the round-in-section expanding cord (expands when in contact with water).


The expanding hydrophilic cord expands upon contact with water, so the dowels must be stored in a dry place.