Retainer-flooring 15-20, 25-30, 30-40, 55-65, 70-80, 90-100mm

Retainer flooring - secure mounting for the valve, which provides a protective layer from 15 to 100 mm. the Locking mechanism of the protective layer flooring is used to set the horizontal reinforcement layer on a bulk basis, soils, gravel, sand. For installation on membranes and films, due to the increased footprint.

Filling 100-200-250 pack. Recommended flow rates from 4 to 6 pieces/m2.

Main features:

The purpose of locking: for loose grounds

Type of fastener: front

Retainer material: plastic

Cover thickness: 15.0-100 (mm)

The minimum diameter of rebar: 6.0 (mm)

Maximum diameter: 16.0 (mm)

Operating position: horizontal

Packing: Bundle 200-250