Retainer bracket, metal, for double reinforcement

The lock-plate is used between the upper and lower reinforcing layers on the horizontal surfaces, fixed distance between the two reinforcing layers and keep them in proper structural position.

Strap-lock for double reinforcement:

  • Securely locks rebar inside of concrete to withstand high loads;
  • Saves time and materials, thanks to the rapid installation and a matched length;
  • Remains upright, stable based on the surface and in close contact with the base;
  • Not in contact with the formwork, therefore does no harm to its surface, does not rust and does not form spots on the surface of the concrete.
  • Perfect for stacking, for ready reinforcement cage (mesh) and to associate the framework of reinforcement on the object.
  • Does not change the valve position when moving on the finished frame.

Varieties of clamps, bars for double reinforcement

Type Description

The curvature in the shape of the letter Z
Standard element length of 0.75 m. the maximum length = 1.2 m is Used as a locking mechanism between the two meshes.Flow 1 m/RM. 1m2

The curvature in the form of a duplicate of a trapezoid
Element standard length 2 m. maximum length = 2.4 m. it is Used as a locking mechanism between the two meshes.Flow 1 m/RM. 1m2

Retainer-strap Straight
Standard item length 1.2 m. maximum length = 2 m. surface treatment zinc plated. Used for reinforcing joints in masonry. Flow 1 m/RM. 1mm