Substitute lime ZAP-3 SANPOL


 For the production of cement-sand mortars, which are used in plastering and masonry work in the summer, slowing down and regulating the hardening of concrete.

Basic properties:

- Allows you to work at ambient temperatures up to 40C.

- Increases the adhesion of fresh mortar to the base, has good adhesion to bricks, concrete blocks.

- Plasticizing the solution, makes it thixotropic, convenient for transportation.

- Slowing down the setting of the mortar, significantly increases the strength of plaster and brickwork by reducing the water-cement ratio.

- Increases the frost resistance of the plaster after curing.

- Significantly reduces or completely eliminates the appearance of efflorescences on the surface of plaster and bricks.

- Does not cause metal corrosion.

Dosage: 500-800 ml per 1 m3 of mortar or 100-200 ml per 50 kg of cement, depending on the brand and purpose of the mortar (grain size and sand quality), density 1.03-1.1 g/cm3.

Expenditure: 5l canister on average for 2T of cement.

Method of administration: the lime substitute is introduced into the concrete mixer, pre-mixed with water, while reducing the amount of water by 10%.

Shelf life: 24 months at ambient temperature not lower than 00With.