Moisture-retaining additive Zeobau 50


Zeobau 50 is a fine-grained geopolymer active mineral additive, with proven pozzolanic properties, used for the production of concretes and mortars. Zeobau 50 is created in the process of drying and grinding aluminum silicate minerals with different chemical composition, properties and shape of crystals. The main component is a hydrated alkaline aluminosilicate from the group of clinoptilolite zeolites.


Zeobau 50 is compatible with all cement and chemical admixtures. It can be used in an amount of up to 15% relative to the weight of cement. Recommended dosage: 3-7% by weight of cement. Typically, 10 to 15 kg/m3 of concrete is used.

The Zeobau 50 additive can be used in the production of:

Concrete goods of all classes: construction, floor, road, bridge

Special concrete: high-quality, self-compacting, hydraulic, spray

Precast work from small and large concrete, including for the production of autoclaved concrete.

Concrete mixes of all types made on the construction site, including light, cavernous and concrete foam concrete

Concrete is intended for thin-walled products subject to bending

Self-leveling masses and mineral solutions and adhesives masses

Advantages of the application:

Increases the hydration of cement (alite belit)

Restricts chemical compression by binding C3A (3-5 times)

Binds free calcium hydroxide Ca (OH)2

Stabilizes water retention in concrete (already at a dosage of at least 5 kg / m3)

Balances the bonding and hardening processes throughout the concrete structure-this reduces the phenomenon of twisting edges.

Improves the workability and ductility of concrete (laying and smoothing)

Stabilizes the quality and quantity of air in concrete (dividing capillaries and air bubbles into smaller ones)

Increases the adhesion of cement paste to aggregates and fibers

Increases the water resistance and frost resistance of concrete

Increases compressive, flexural, and split strength

Increases the resistance of concrete to salt and seawater

Increases the resistance of concrete to environmental aggression and internal corrosion.

Technical data:


Required values

Declared values



Powdery grey-green



2250kg/m3 ± 20kg




Specific surface area


13,640 cm2/ g

Degree of whiteness according to CIELAB color parameters


L * min = 85,6% a * = -1,17% b * = 8,63 %

Pozzolan activity Indicator

After 28 days ≥ 75%

After 90 days ≥ 85%



Setting start time relative to standard cement (reference cement CEM I 42,5 R)

≤ 220 220 min. Double binding of standard cement.

220 minutes

Water demand

≤ 130%


Degree of fragmentation (residue on the screen 0.045 mm)

≤ 25%


Content of free CaO

≤ 0,1%


Content of reactive CaO



Total alkali content in terms of Na2O

≤ 5,0%


Content of SO3

≤ 0,2%


Chlorine content expressed in Cl

≤ 0,05%


MgO content

≤ 2,0%


Content P2O5

≤ 0,3%


Content of SiO2


63,0 ÷ 73,0%

Al2O3 content


11,0 ÷ 13,5%

Content of Fe2O3


0,7 ÷ 2,3%


The Zeobau 50 additive is packed in 25kg paper bags, placed on pallets and foiled. The product is also available for loading in tanks or in "Big-Bag" bags weighing 1000kg.

Storage and transport:

The product should be transported and stored in conditions that are protected from moisture and contamination. The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture, provided that they are stored in unopened bags, in a place protected from moisture. The product is insensitive to frost.

Health and safety conditions:

The product is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin, protect the eyes, mouth and nose in case of heavy dust during dry mixing. Detailed information on health, safety, as well as data on the environment, toxicological properties of the material, etc. are available in the material safety data sheet, which is available on request.

Environmental protection:

An unrelated product can cause soil and groundwater contamination. The remainder of the product must be glued together into a mass of mortar or concrete, which can then be recycled as normal construction debris.