Superplasticizer Protex (barrel 1 cub.m)

   The complex additive for underfloor heating is intended for the manufacture of concrete products and structures that are subject to increased requirements for water resistance, frost resistance, and chemical resistance. It has a plasticizing, hydrophobizing effect, compacts the structure of concrete. It has increased indicators of frost resistance, cracking, and abrasion. It also has a high set of strength. It is used in an aggressive environment. The composition of the additive is adapted to domestic aggregates and cement, including slag-alkaline ones


- ready-mixed concrete for the production of massive, densely reinforced and especially important structures;

- road, hydraulic, chemical resistant concrete;

- high-strength concrete, screed, polystyrene concrete device;

- underfloor heating, self-leveling floors, industrial floors.

The supplement allows you to:

- to make concrete with increased frost resistance;

- increase the water resistance and durability of concrete (W-8 and higher);

- increase the workability and uniformity of the concrete mix

- reduce shrinkage and creep

- to increase the resistance of concrete in aggressive environments, in particular, sulphate waters, to prevent corrosion of cement stone;

- reduce water consumption by 15-20%;

- perform concrete work at low temperatures, thanks to the strong plasticizing and antifreeze action of the additive;

- reduce cement consumption by 10-20% without reducing the brand strength and durability indicators;

- reduce the water demand of the solution (V / C) by 20%


Additive consumption: 0,6-1% by weight of cement on dry matter, or 2,5 liters per 1 cube of concrete