Antifreeze additive NITKAL S25, S45

It is used as a basis for multi-functional compositions, dry building mixes of a wide range of directions. in the production of concretes and mortars, including cellular ones, for concretes with high performance properties, precast concrete, etc.

Allows you to get high-density and waterproof concrete

Inhibitor, acts as a retarder of corrosion processes caused by a high content of chlorides (2-4 %).

Powerful accelerator for setting and hardening of concrete.

Increases strength characteristics (8 hours) in small doses (0.2-1.2 % by weight of cement).

When conducting tests with the introduction of Calcium Nitrate in an amount of 5% by weight of cement, there is no efflorescence.

It is an antifreeze additive up to-25°C.

In small doses (1-2%), it contributes to a long-term increase in strength characteristics, without reducing the porosity or permeability of concrete. Reduction of setting time for Portland cements with a decreasing content of soluble alkalis when using Nitcal. It is most appropriate to use Nitkal with low - and medium-aluminate cements and Portland cement when hardening concrete under normal heat-and-moisture conditions. It is also effective to use it with slag-Portland cement containing more than 30% of granulated blast furnace slag (regardless of the mineralogical composition of the clinker), if the concrete is steamed to 100°C.

NITCAL at a dosage of 0, 2 -1, 2% by weight of cement acts as an accelerator of the setting time at 20 ° C and, thus, increases the strength at an early stage (for example, after 6-8 hours). Due to the conversion of a small amount of ammonium in technical quality Calcium Nitrate into amine during the reaction with epoxy, the conversion of Calcium Nitrate from a pure accelerator of the setting time to a hardening acceleratoralso takes place . At high doses (1 - 2%), it is introduced for long-term improvement of the strength characteristics of concrete.

In a dosage of 0.5-1 % by weight of cement, it provides the best water resistance of concrete, intensifies the strength set and increases the final strength by 20-30 %.

NITCAL compacts concrete. This contributes to its accelerated self-calcification (self-sealing of the pore space with calcium hydroxide carbonized in the air) and prevents desalination at the operational stage.

Action on concrete:

Reduce the setting time when finishing work, leveling floor slabs, or when working with finished elements (factory-made).)

Lower pressure when (using) consecutive batches (s) (mixing concrete)

Increase the curing speed for concretes with a low water / cement ratio, with delayed setting times by adding plasticizers and superplasticizers.

When transporting over long distances or in hot climates, the concrete with the addition of a plasticizer can be brought into working condition on site by adding Nitcal to the drum of the concrete mixer.

In winter concreting, accelerated hardening will prevent too rapid solidification, which precedes the release of heat due to hydration.

Get concrete with high strength, self-compacting, hydraulic concrete.

Effects of the application:

Nitcal compacts concrete. This contributes to its accelerated self-calcification (self-sealing of the pore space with calcium hydroxide carbonized in the air) and prevents desalination at the operational stage.

In addition, it not only increases the compressive strength of the finished product by 1.5-2.0 times, but also the speed of its recruitment, especially at an early age. This allows you to unpack after 12-18 hours without chipping and defects. Instead of high-quality cements, it is possible to use low-grade cements and even slag-Portland cements.

Nitcal almost completely enters into chemical reactions with cement and does not cause subsequent desalination, by themselves, with a capillary water pump.

Application procedure :

NITCAL S 45TM is introduced into the concrete mix simultaneously with the other components: cement, aggregate, water, plasticizer/superplasticizer. Mix in a concrete mixer (1h5 min) until the mixture is homogeneous.

NITCAL S 45TM is dosed in an amount of 0.2 % by weight of cement in concrete at a temperature of up to-50 C. When the temperature decreases, increase the amount by

0.05 % for each degree. The dosage is indicated in grams. In the case of dosage in milliliters, the desired calculated weight of the additive should be divided by 1.45. The resulting number is the volume in milliliters. Measure and add to the concrete in any combination with other ingredients.

NITCAL S 45TM is supplied in 1 m3 cup containers or in 5 l cans.