Шнур гидрофильный акриловый Hydroflex 10/20

HYDROFLEX 10x20 cord based on acrylic, swells when in contact with water. 


Swimming pools

Water tanks

Sewage treatment plants

Structural joints of buildings

Joints of the wall with the foundation of the building

Sealing of communication passages through the foundation walls

On PVC input pipes as a water-repellent flange

Used for sealing areas exposed to seawater

Features and Benefits:

Easy installation

Universal application

The swelling occurs in a controlled state. Does not damage concrete when swollen

Resistant to salt water and various chemicals

Technical data:

Composition Acrylic-based polymer
Colour Blue, red
Water pressure 50 mvs (5 atm)
Swelling 300% (free expansion in water)
Water transmission Doesn't miss it
Application temperature -30 °C to 50 °C

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean and dry. Do not install on a wet, ice-covered or dirty surface. Also, do not install in the rain.


Unwind the required amount of cord. Apply glue in the middle of the seam and secure the cord to the surface. It is necessary to connect the cord joint-to-joint, without overlap. Do not use for expansion joints.


After installation, the surface must be protected from moisture before pouring the concrete 

Do not use for expansion joints

Do not install at elevated water levels

For sale in bays of 10 m\pog.