Мембрана Hydroflex 300/1mm

HYDROFLEX thermoplastic tape is used for horizontal and vertical expansion joints, underground structures, basement and semi-basement rooms, blind areas, hydraulic structures intended for wastewater treatment, tanks for drinking water, household water and swimming pools, tunnels and ventilation holes, for waterproofing cold joints. The main advantages of Hydroflex thermoplastic tape are: ease of application with epoxy glue, unique chemical composition, which provides high elasticity (600%), high adhesion to dry and wet concrete. Hydroflex thermoplastic tape is not damaged by plant roots, is resistant to aggressive effects of ozone, fuel oil and oil, and adapts to use in a wide temperature range. It is also possible to connect the two strips by means of thermal action. 

HYDROFLEX 21 epoxy two-component adhesive is designed for fixing deformation tapes. Its purpose: to fix the deformation tape, to fasten reinforcement outlets and bolts, as well as the installation of guide machines and cranes to the base. The main advantages are: high adhesion ability, resistance to chemicals, absence of solvents in the composition. It is used for expansion joints of floors, walls, blind spots and terraces. Water and gas tightness. Adapts to wet surfaces. Practical consistency for application. It is applied without a primer. The multi-colored ingredients help to keep track of whether the mixture is mixed well enough.