RubberElast joint waterproofing

RubberElast-sealing tape for joints in precast concrete structures. Installation takes place by simply pressing it against the concrete surface in the joint area. After installing the mating element, the structure becomes waterproof due to the adhesive properties of the material. RubberElast is characterized by extremely high water and gas tightness, as well as excellent resistance to wear caused by weather and mechanical influences. It retains its elasticity even at low temperatures. Along with good adhesion to concrete, the sealing tape also exhibits excellent adhesion properties to metals, glass and other materials.

Sealing of precast concrete structures

The share of objects made of precast concrete structures in the total volume of construction continues to increase, and the issue of reducing the amount of manual labor on construction sites is also becoming more and more urgent. Until now, sealing joints in prefabricated structures has been associated with high costs: rubber sealing rings have standardized parameters and are used to seal the same type of elements; the classic use of cement mortar is a potentially unreliable method for sealing. When using cement mortars for sealing, any movement of the structure can lead to a violation of the integrity of the joint; and swollen materials require compliance with the necessary protective layer of concrete, which is not always favorable circumstances; external sealants on a bituminous basis also do not guarantee absolute tightness of the structure in the presence of pressure water. RubberElast is a simple and fast solution independent of weather conditions. Immediately after the installation of the concrete elements, the tape tightly adheres to the concrete surface and reliably seals the joint. Due to its high chemical resistance to aggressive environments, RubberElast is an ideal product for use in wastewater disposal systems.


Easy to use;

Very high impermeability to water and gases;

Very good grip due to the adhesion (self-adhesive tape);

Fast recycling, tool-free;

Providing waterproofing immediately after installation;

Maintaining elasticity at low temperatures;

Resistance to acids, alkalis, salts and slurry;

Good weather resistance.

Comparative table of RabberElast properties with other products: 


Chemical resistance 

Result immediately after installation

Long-lasting elasticity

Availability of certificates

Laying at low t, C°

Sealing foam






Swollen solution






Bitemny cord












* very well suited/ conditionally suitable/ - little suitable/--generally not suitable

RabberElast application Examples:

1. Sealing the seams of the well

2. Waterproof basement made of massive prefabricated elements

1. Герметизация швов колодца 2. Водонепроницаемый подвал из массивных сборных элементов
3. Sealing of the foundation plate elements

4. Tightness is ensured immediately after installation

3. Герметизация элементов фундаментной плиты 4. Герметичность обеспечивается сразу после монтажа

5. Application on corner supports

6. Adjacent to an existing building
5. Применение на угловых опорах 6. Примыкание к существующему зданию

7. Application in bulk element

7. Применение в объемных элемент