Sealing tape BasicElast 25x19(4,4 RM)


BasicElast® is an elastic-plastic, flattening joint sealing tape that serves to seal the joints of reinforced concrete structures.


Ease of use

Installation does not require auxiliary tools and tools

Water resistance immediately after installation

Flexible even at low temperatures

Weather resistance

Resistance to dilute acids (HCl, H2SO4), alkalis (NaOH, KOH) and salt solutions (NaCl)

Compatible with other Elast products

Application areas:

For sealing joints of reinforced concrete structures

For use in temperate and warm climates

Surface preparation:

The surface must be strong and stable, free of dust, grease, oils and other materials that impair adhesion.

The surface must be dry during installation. For complex surfaces, we recommend the use of RubberElast ® primer in addition. In case of doubt, it is recommended to conduct a preliminary test.


BasicElast® is applied to the joint directly from the roll with a protective layer up and pressed tightly along the entire length. Before pressing, the sealing tape in the corners must be bent to the desired shape. To extend the BasicElast ® tape, cut the ends at an angle (from 30° to 45°) so that they are connected on top of each other after pressing, without increasing the cross-section of the tape at the junction. For cutting, we recommend a sharp knife (the knife should cut, not press). Before installing the next element, remove the protective strip and make sure that the sealing tape is secured in the desired position securely and without displacement. Immediately after that, press the next part against the sealing tape in the joint area for bonding. For low water pressure (for example, accumulating infiltration water), a compression of the sealing tape of about 60% is sufficient. To achieve the full sealing effect of BasicElast®, it is necessary to ensure that the sealing tape is compressed at each joint point at 70-90% of its original height during installation. The joint can be checked for tightness and exposed to water immediately after assembly.

Please note (in particular for horizontal joints) that the BasicElast® tape is a sealing tape and is NOT used for load transfer — if necessary, the latter should be provided with other suitable measures. In order to avoid the destruction of the sealing tape, the joint width should not be less than 2 mm at any point and at any time. BasicElast® requires more compression force than the same RubberElast®product series. This should be taken into account if the BasicElast® is used together with the BTSpannschloss®tie lock.

Not suitable for applications involving contact with oils or organic solvents (petrol, diesel).

At low temperatures, installation can be facilitated by storing the BasicElast® material in a warm room (at room temperature) until installation.

To further facilitate installation, the surface of the part can be additionally heated in the joint area.

If you have doubts about other applications, we recommend that you conduct a preliminary test, and if there are ambiguities, contact our technologists for advice.


Size (width x height in mm)

17 x 17 roll of 4.50 m 8 rolls per box

25 x 19 roll of 4.40 m 6 rolls per box

32 x 25 roll of 4.40 m 4 rolls per box

38 x 32 roll of 3.20 m 4 rolls per box

48 x 42 roll of 2.25 m 3 rolls per box

40 cartons per pallet