Герметик InnoElast (черн. Тип 2) 600мл/900г

InnoElast is a one-component paste-like adhesive based on a silane-modified polymer (SPPO = silanterminated polypropylene oxide) that gains elasticity and hardens in a humid environment. It is a one-component adhesive and sealing compound based on a silane-modified polymer, which hardens into an elastic product in contact with moist air, and is used for sealing horizontal and vertical joints in concrete structures. It has a high chemical resistance, which makes it possible to use this product as a long-lasting, elastic sealing and adhesive material. InnoElast does not contain solvents, silicones, or isocyanates. Before working with the material, it is necessary to read the recommendations and safety instructions described in the safety data sheet. When working with materials that are not subject to mandatory labeling but are chemical products, it is necessary to observe the appropriate precautions. InnoElast contains aminosilanes that can cause allergic reactions.