ЕПДМ-мембрана ProElast 1,5=750мм

     The ProElast system-for external sealing of joints and joints in construction objects, consists of a high-quality EPDM membrane and a universal one-component adhesive-sealant InnoElast. The materials of this system are highly resistant to UV radiation. It is used for waterproofing of working, directional and deformation joints in monolithic and precast concrete structures with high requirements for water resistance. The ProElast system can also be used to seal joints, cracks and breaks in roof structures, shafts and tanks. The ProElast system can withstand a maximum water pressure of 2 bar (which corresponds to 20 m of water column). InnoElast adhesive-sealant can be used at a building element temperature of -3 C. InnoElast can be used for the rehabilitation of expansion joints and road surface joints. Mechanical fasteners such as clamping bars, dowels, or flanges are not required to secure the system. Thus, the system can be used for the arrangement of joints in the abutments of buildings.


Quick and easy application;

Can be used at temperatures from ?3 °C;

Possibility of laying on a wet surface;

Does not slide off vertical surfaces;

Application, usually without primer

Good adhesion to concrete, steel, glass, bitumen and various polymer materials;

Resistance to water under pressure up to 2 bar;

High chemical and microbiological resistance;

No solvents in the product;

Resistance to weather factors and UV radiation;

Good compatibility with other bituminous insulation materials;

The most widespread use is also in the rehabilitation of objects.

Technical characteristics of EPDM membrane:

Technical data

EPDM membrane

Thickness, mm


Length, m


Width, mm


Stiffness, Shore A Typ

65  5

Temperature resistance, ° C

150 / for short-term exposure up to 220

Tensile strength, MPa


Tensile strength, %


Tear resistance, N / mm


Diffusion resistance, H2O

approx. 31000 m

Shrinkage, %

< 0,5

Material aging 7d / 100 °C, relative changes

Stiffness, Shore A Typ


Tensile strength, %


Tensile strength, %











Technical data

InnoElast Typ1


Paste-like mass





Special density

1.6 g / cm3

Hardness *        

approx. 25 (Shore Type A)


< 0,3 %

Max. strain

25 %

Film formation **

approx. 2-3 hours

Solidification rate**        

approx. 2 mm/24 hours

Temperature range.installation mode     

-3°C - 40°C (concrete body temperature)

Heat Resistance

from 40°C to 110°C / at short exposure. up to 220°C


600 ml tube;

9.5 kg tin bucket


in a cool and dry place, in the original packaging for up to 12 months

Examples of using the ProElast system :

1. Roof waterproofing 2. Waterproofing of the facade
Гидроизоляции кровли Гидроизоляции фасада
3. Strip waterproofing of tunnel joints made of precast concrete
 Полосная гидроизоляция швов тоннеля из сборного железобетона